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Leah A.I.

We're excited to bring Leah A.I. to HODL Games!
📢 Introducing Leah A.I. on Telegram! 🎉
Engage in conversations on virtually any topic with Leah A.I. She's more than just a chatbot; she's your versatile digital companion.
🎮 Features:
  • Currently, only one mode is available, but many moods will be added in the coming weeks 😉.
  • Voice chats in English and text chats in multiple languages, including Dutch.
💰 Pricing:
  • Audio features with Leah A.I. come at a rate of $1 per minute, charged by the second. Text messages are 1 cent per word. User-provided content like messages, photos, and voice memos are free.
🔍 Commands on Telegram:
  • 💼 /balance - Check your balance
  • 💳 /deposit - Buy credits
  • ⚙️ /settings - Adjust settings
  • 🌐 /character - Switch between English and Dutch Leah
  • 😊 /mood - Set Leah's mood
🔗 Dive into the world of Leah A.I. at LeahChat.com. Don't miss out! Leah will be integrated into our games later this year.
Last modified 5mo ago