Meet the team behind HODL Games, the driving force of the company!

Snow Bunny ❄️ 🐰 (VP of Games & Innovation, HODL Games)

As VP of Games & Innovation at HODL Games, Snow Bunny combines her trailblazing gaming and tech expertise with a fashion-forward approach from her modeling background. Founder of Baddie.nl and leader of online communities surpassing 100000 members, she also boasts a substantial social media presence. Her contributions include developing games and AI projects like "Leah A.I. Girlfriend" Her passion for fashion permeates her work, enhancing her pivotal role at HODL Games and her influence across both digital and fashion industries.

Snow Ninja 🥷 (VP of Operations, HODL Games) As VP of Operations at HODL Games, Snow Ninja expertly coordinates company logistics and streamlines processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. With a background in both tech management and operational strategy, he leads with precision and a keen understanding of complex project dynamics. His proactive approach has successfully scaled operations and improved team performance, solidifying the backbone of HODL Games' success.

Snow Guardian 🛡️ (Security Architect) Snow Guardian serves as the Security Architect at HODL Games, where he designs robust security frameworks to safeguard digital assets and company data. With extensive experience in cybersecurity, he formulates strategies that protect against evolving threats and vulnerabilities. His technical prowess and strategic foresight are instrumental in building resilient IT environments, crucial for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of HODL Games' products and services. The people featured on this page are just part of our expanding team at HODL Games. We're continually growing and always seeking talented individuals eager to contribute to our innovative and dynamic gaming industry efforts.

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