HODL Games
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HODL Games are fun, innovative, social, and extremely fun to play. Connect with players from all over the world. Meet new people, earn crypto, have fun!

👋 Step into the realm of social play-to-earn games, featuring exciting titles like Gangsters.com (also known as Top G: Escape The Matrix), and Coinleone.com: Mafia Meets Crypto

HODL Games is committed to creating profitable earning opportunities accessible to all. Our business model is straightforward and effective. We generate revenue through modest commissions from in-game activities, as well as through advertisements and partnerships. A substantial part of our earnings is reinvested into our ecosystem. This strategy not only ensures the stability of the token price but also contributes to the sustainability of our business.

HODL Games mission

Our goal is to guide gamers worldwide into the exciting realm of Web3 Games. Their shared passion for earning tokens and having fun will serve as the thread that weaves them into a cohesive community!


It is important to note that nothing in this white paper should be taken as financial advice. Our development priorities, roadmaps, and features are subject to radical changes based on research, community feedback, regulatory compliance, and other factors.
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