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SNOW token

This article delves into the distribution and various uses of the $SNOW token, providing a comprehensive overview of its allocation and the multifaceted roles it plays within the HODL Games ecosystem.

Token Metrics

The total supply of $SNOW tokens is capped at 100 million, ensuring a finite supply and potential for value appreciation over time. This cap fosters a balanced ecosystem, where the demand for $SNOW tokens can naturally drive their value. As the HODL Games network expands and the utility of $SNOW tokens increases, we anticipate a robust and sustainable token economy.
Rewards for players based on in-game activities and achievements
Team & Partners (no vesting)
For community initiatives, partnerships, influencers and marketing efforts
For providing liquidity on exchanges and wallets
For future development and expansion of the platform

Token Utility

In-Game Currency $SNOW tokens serve as the in-game currency across the HODL Games network. Players have the opportunity to earn $SNOW tokens through gameplay, which can be utilized for in-game items, upgrades, and more.
Access to Exclusive Content Ownership of $SNOW tokens unlocks access to exclusive gaming options, levels, and content within the HODL Games ecosystem, enhancing the gaming experience.
Staking Rewards By staking their $SNOW tokens, holders can earn rewards. This not only incentivizes token retention but also contributes to network security.
Lower Fees Holders of $SNOW tokens enjoy the benefit of discounted transaction fees and other associated costs on the platform, making transactions more cost-effective.
Community Incentives Active community members who contribute to discussions, promote the games, or provide valuable feedback will be rewarded with $SNOW tokens, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.
In-Game Advertising Businesses or individuals can utilize $SNOW tokens to secure advertising space within our ecosystem, leveraging our dedicated product, crypto.ad, to meet their promotional needs.
Charitable Contributions In our future plans, we aim to allocate a specific portion of $SNOW tokens for charitable causes. These contributions will be facilitated through our dedicated platform, https://hodl.charity/.
Premium Memberships $SNOW tokens can be exchanged for premium memberships that offer additional benefits, such as increased rewards, reduced fees, or enhanced customer support, enriching the user experience.