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HODL Games sprang from the innovative minds of the twin brothers, Mr. HODL and The Snow Wizard, who previously created Telfie.com.
HODL Games, a creation of the twin brothers Mr. HODL and The Snow Wizard, is backed by their vast experience in (browser) games, marketing, crypto, and software development.

Founder & CEO: Mr. HODL

An early Crypto investor, Mr. HODL has been a pioneer in the digital world since he created his first game at the age of 14. Together with his twin brother, The Snow Wizard, he has built a successful online business, amassing millions of dollars. Before co-founding HODL Games, Mr. HODL was instrumental in securing partnerships with prominent companies such as Amazon, MTV, FOX, Hallmark, and NBC at Telfie.com. His early involvement in Crypto, his passion for gaming, and his track record of establishing lucrative partnerships make him a driving force behind HODL Games.

Founder & CMO: The Snow Wizard

With over 18 years of experience in online games, design, marketing and monetization, The Snow Wizard brings a wealth of expertise to his role as CMO at HODL Games. His extensive knowledge has been a key factor in the growth and development of HODL Games. Alongside Mr. HODL, he co-founded Telfie.com, where they secured partnerships with giants such as AMC, NBC, FOX, WGN America and many others. His deep insights into the industry and a proven track record of securing high-value partnerships make him an integral part of HODL Games' success.


HODL Games, registered under the European trademark number 018640703, and HODL, registered under the European trademark number 017875035 and German trademark number 302017034038, are legally protected trademarks.
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